West Nile virus is a viral encephalitis that is transmitted via mosquitoes from birds. Both people and horses are susceptible.

Affected horses develop neurological symptoms, that will range from mild uncoordinated movements to being unable to stand. About a third of cases recover completely, but it can take 6 months or more. Another third will improve but will have residual neurological damage and may not be safely ridden, and the remaining third will not make it.

In recent years, more cases have been diagnosed in the horse population in Gauteng, and we strongly recommend that we vaccinate against the disease.The vaccine is safe and effective, although it is possible that they may have a mild reaction the first time they receive it.

I would suggest that the vaccine is done after the yearly African Horse Sickness vaccines are completed.

Presently, there is a special on West Nile Vaccine, the cost of vaccination is R300 per time. Please contact Vee if you are interested.

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